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We’re here in Roseville, CA with Chuck, owner of Bartlett Flowers.  

   “I’m originally from North Carolina,  but went to school at Sac State.  After completing my Master’s Degree in Art, I worked as a visual arts director for a clothing store.  In 2002 I opened this shop.  My goal has always been to make our shop the shop that people want to go to for flowers.  
    “Downtown Roseville has been though a lot of changes.  We’ve gone through a major transformation, from the type of place that was mostly antique and second hand stores to a beautiful down town destination.  Now on my block, there’s a theatre, there are six restaurants, and we’re getting new things all the time.  For me it was a good fit.
“We have a really nice gift shop.  We have something for everyone.  I want anybody to be able to come in here from the person who only wants a $5 floral wrap to the decerning shopper that wants an equisite floral or a piece of artwork-we can make it happen.
   “I want Bartlett’s be a place where people feel like they always can find something a little different.  People are always amazed by what we have to offer.  We try to have flowers that are more special and unique.  And I think that this is the niche that I am trying to fill.”

A Look Inside Bartlett Flowers

   Let Bartlett Flowers create a personal floral design that reflects exactly what you want to say.  Whether it be a sentiment of love, condolence or encouragement, there is an arrangement out there for everyone.  Flowers are also an excellent way to beautify your home. One person may prefer a contemporary tropical arrangement while another loves the tradition of a dozen roses.  Whatever your preference, Bartlett Flowers is there to accommodate you.
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The Magic of Flowers and Plants
Flowers always say, "You're special!"

     There is nothing like the thrill of receiving flowers. You feel special: someone is thinking about you, wanting to lift your spirits and make your day!   
    Flowers touch all our senses, from visual vibrant colors to sweet fragrances.  These powerful elements evoke pleasant memories of past times.  Flowers are timeless, and bring those sweet memories to the present.
    Who isn’t thrilled by the brilliance of color, the richness of life in the garden!  We give plants and flowers  because we love the beauty of the outdoors.  Giving plants and flowers as gifts brings the garden indoors for us to enjoy.
     More to consider:
Flowers can be a gift for anyone.
From son to father, daughter to mom, friend to friend... tell someone they are special with flowers.
    Give flowers at unexpected times.
Giving flowers is a spontaneous act of kindness that will brighten any person’s day.
      Consider flowers as a thank you!  Acknowledge all that someone has done for you by giving them flowers.
     The bottom line: let someone know that you are thinking about them. Flowers always say, “I’m here for you!”

There is a whole world of flowers out there... 
get to know them! 

   Flowers come in a marvelous variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.  Try something new and interesting the next time you order.   By learning the flower choices, you can personalize your arrangements to suit your taste or that of your recipient.  For example, if your mom loves hydrangeas, you will know what to ask for. 

     Ordering from a florist is going to be much easier when you can tell them specifically what flowers you like. The guide that follows represents some of the more common flower choices available in flower shops.  Ask your florist for their expert opinion in picking your flowers.  Working closely with your florist will get you the best results!

Chuck Gives an Insider's Perspective                   
            Bartlett Flowers

What are your tips for Sympathy flowers?

   “Sympathy flowers celebrate and honor a person’s life.  They range from a personalized arrangement to a beautiful spray or wreath which makes a bold tribute. 
   “You can have a beautiful casket, church, hall, or chapel, but if there are no flowers, it will seem that there’s something missing.  Not having flowers means you are missing the color, the fragrance, and the softness of the event.   Flowers really just elevate the tribute.”

 Any tips on romancing with flowers?      

   “I think the most romantic thing is the element of surprise.   I had a woman who went on a wonderful date and wanted to send her boyfriend flowers.  That’s romantic!  She kind of left it to us.  I made some suggestions, and it came out very special.   I think that when it’s so unexpected, it seems more romantic.
“A guy today said, ‘I know she likes sunflowers and peonies.’  That was really great.  I think it’s important to key into something the person likes.   It’s two things: you want them to know that you’ve noticed what they like, and you also want to surprise them out of the blue.”

  Why are flowers so important?

     “I think it has to do with etiquette. There are so many occasions where it is appropriate to send flowers.  Also flowers are a wonderful gift.  It’s something everyone can just see and feel good about. 
   “People feel great when they receive flowers—they always smile.  It makes people feel special.  It makes them feel good about themselves and the person sending them.  It’s just a good thing.”

What’s your favorite flower?

    “If you look at my cooler, it’s hydrangea.  It depends on the season. In the fall I love the antique colors and in the spring I love the brighter colors. Hydrangeas can be a bit pricey, but for the impact they just give a lot of value.  I love how big they are, the varieties they come in, and how long they last.  They look great in weddings, funerals—we use them every day.”
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