Becky's Flowers
Roseville, CA

Meet Mark, manager and lead designer of Becky's Flowers


Welcome to Becky's Flowers

We’re here in Roseville, California, speaking with Mark, the manager and lead designer for Becky’s Flower Shop

   “Becky’s started out as a little corner flower arranging table inside a nursery.  Today we’re just under 3,000 sq. ft., and have the largest cooler flower box north of San Francisco.  The customers can actually walk through it!
   “We have a huge selection of hybrid lilies.  I try to keep them in stock at all times.  In fact I have a special buyer go to the bay area to select our lilies, so we’re getting ones that you can’t buy anywhere else. We have the Sumatra lily, hybrid China whites, and the Asiatics in all colors. The Asiatics that we have are almost double the size that you normally see.
  “I’m also buying organic locally grown flowers.  It’s kind of a new thing in the last couple of years.  Similar to the farm to fork movment, we have a farm to vase movement.  We have a couple of local farmers that come to us.  I’m getting outstanding sunflowers right now. They come in all sizes and varieties, and the longevity is really outstanding.
      “We try to do as much unique stuff as we can. I went through roughly a 10 year apprenticeship working for Bob Bingham, world renowned FTD florist.  My training was very thorough.  I started at age 19 and learned mechanics, design styles, and the history of floral design.
   “A big part of running a flower shop is getting a crew of people that you can depend on.  When the chips are down, stuff is flying, customers are lined up out the door- if you don’t have a crew that can read each other’s minds, you’re in big trouble.  I’m lucky to have such a crew!”

A Look Inside  Becky's Flowers

     Let Becky’s Flowers create a personal floral design that reflects exactly what you want to say.  Whether it be a sentiment of love, condolence or encouragement, there is an arrangement out there for everyone.  Flowers are also an excellent way to beautify your home. One person may prefer a contemporary tropical arrangement while another loves the tradition of a dozen roses.  Whatever your preference, Becky’s Flowers is there to accommodate you.

The Magic of Flowers and Plants
Flowers always say, "You're special!"

     There is nothing like the thrill of receiving flowers. You feel special: someone is thinking about you, wanting to lift your spirits and make your day!   
    Flowers touch all our senses, from visual vibrant colors to sweet fragrances.  These powerful elements evoke pleasant memories of past times.  Flowers are timeless, and bring those sweet memories to the present.
    Who isn’t thrilled by the brilliance of color, the richness of life in the garden!  We give plants and flowers  because we love the beauty of the outdoors.  Giving plants and flowers as gifts brings the garden indoors for us to enjoy.
     More to consider:
Flowers can be a gift for anyone.
From son to father, daughter to mom, friend to friend... tell someone they are special with flowers.
    Give flowers at unexpected times.
Giving flowers is a spontaneous act of kindness that will brighten any person’s day.
      Consider flowers as a thank you!  Acknowledge all that someone has done for you by giving them flowers.
     The bottom line: let someone know that you are thinking about them. Flowers always say, “I’m here for you!”

There is a whole world of flowers out there... 
get to know them! 

   Flowers come in a marvelous variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.  Try something new and interesting the next time you order.   By learning the flower choices, you can personalize your arrangements to suit your taste or that of your recipient.  For example, if your mom loves hydrangeas, you will know what to ask for. 

     Ordering from a florist is going to be much easier when you can tell them specifically what flowers you like. The guide that follows represents some of the more common flower choices available in flower shops.  Ask your florist for their expert opinion in picking your flowers.  Working closely with your florist will get you the best results!

 Mark Gives Insider Flower Tips

 Becky's Flowers

So, Mark, tell can you give us some tips on flowers for romance?

     “We have gentlemen who walk in the door and say they just met someone and want to send her flowers.  They’re afraid if they send a dozen roses it’s too much, but if they send only one rose it’s not enough.  For these circumstances we suggest a nice mixture of flowers with a few roses in it.
  “Flowers are an amazing way to convey so many sentiments.   You can say, ‘ I very much care about you,’ or ‘I love you.’    Flowers can say, ‘I’m sorry,’ or ‘you’re amazing!’  You can even give a bouquet for no reason at all.”

   Can you give us some tips on sympathy flowers?

     “I have had people tell me they just went to a friend’s service that had no flowers, and it felt empty.  Flowers are uplifting, and they boost everyone’s spirit by their presence in the room.  Whether a person lived a great life, or was suddenly taken at a young age, it’s a moment for everybody to really think about that individual.  We try to create a tribute that speaks about the person that’s being laid to rest.”   

    Why buy flowers?

   “Flowers affect our brain chemistry.  We don’t quite know why, but when flowers are in a work environment productivity in both men and women goes up.  They get happier-no one knows why.  Brain scientists are working on that right now.  Plants are living things and so are we.  I believe we need each other.  Flowers and plants cheer us up.  Go get yourself some flowers or a blooming plant.  Or at the least sit down in a garden and turn of the phone!”

  Any flower tips for weddings?

   “I do recommend that brides start early to look and decide what they like in flowers.  With enough lead time we can give you Disneyland on the moon if you want it.  Or, we can do something that is really simple, such as all sunflowers.”
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