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Meet Ron, Vicki & their son Mark of
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Blooms & Things Florist

Welcome to 
Blooms & Things

We’re here in Angels Camp, CA with Ron, Vicki and son Mark, owners of Blooms & Things.  

 [Ron] “My wife has had this business for 31 years, but she’s been a florist for even longer!”
[Vicki] “I have a passion for flowers. This is my retirement.  I just love the flowers-I love the way flowers make people smile. 
   “We have a baby blue Easter bunny outfit that was made for me by a costume designer about 26 years ago.  It still goes out every Easter delivering flowers.  It’s very special when our Easter bunny arrives at our local hospital delivering flowers.  It is wonderful to see the smiles on all the faces.”
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[Ron] “Another unique delivery we do is at Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day-all our delivery drivers wear tuxedoes.  It makes a happy occasion even more special.”
[Mark] “I started as a kid doing everything from washing buckets to picking up the flowers.  I’ve been involved off and on with the business since 1985.  I too have a passion for flowers, but also a passion for technology.  I’ve blended the two together-from photography, being active on the website, social media, our point of sale, on through operations.”
[Vicki] “Because I have been in business for so long, I’m doing weddings for the next generation.  This one groom came in last year and he said, ‘I’m getting married and I only want you to do my wedding.’  As it turns out, I did his parents wedding, courtships, and proms.   Everything comes full circle in the floral business, and that’s really neat.”

A Look Inside Blooms & Things

    Let Blooms and Things create a personal floral design that reflects exactly what you want to say.  Whether it be a sentiment of love, condolence or encouragement, there is an arrangement out there for everyone.  Flowers are also an excellent way to beautify your home. One person may prefer a contemporary tropical arrangement while another loves the tradition of a dozen roses.  Whatever your preference, Blooms and Things is there to accommodate you.
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The Magic of Flowers and Plants
Flowers always say, "You're special!"

     There is nothing like the thrill of receiving flowers. You feel special: someone is thinking about you, wanting to lift your spirits and make your day!   
    Flowers touch all our senses, from visual vibrant colors to sweet fragrances.  These powerful elements evoke pleasant memories of past times.  Flowers are timeless, and bring those sweet memories to the present.
    Who isn’t thrilled by the brilliance of color, the richness of life in the garden!  We give plants and flowers  because we love the beauty of the outdoors.  Giving plants and flowers as gifts brings the garden indoors for us to enjoy.
     More to consider:
Flowers can be a gift for anyone.
From son to father, daughter to mom, friend to friend... tell someone they are special with flowers.
    Give flowers at unexpected times.
Giving flowers is a spontaneous act of kindness that will brighten any person’s day.
      Consider flowers as a thank you!  Acknowledge all that someone has done for you by giving them flowers.
     The bottom line: let someone know that you are thinking about them. Flowers always say, “I’m here for you!”

There is a whole world of flowers out there... 
get to know them! 

   Flowers come in a marvelous variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.  Try something new and interesting the next time you order.   By learning the flower choices, you can personalize your arrangements to suit your taste or that of your recipient.  For example, if your mom loves hydrangeas, you will know what to ask for. 

     Ordering from a florist is going to be much easier when you can tell them specifically what flowers you like. The guide that follows represents some of the more common flower choices available in flower shops.  Ask your florist for their expert opinion in picking your flowers.  Working closely with your florist will get you the best results!

What are your tips for Sympathy flowers?

   [Vicki] “We do customized sympathy pieces which put a personal feeling and warmth like it was made for that person. It tells who that person is so it brings all those feelings out. We’ve done florals with cowboy’s hats, horseshoes, saddles, garden themes etc.
[Mark] “We recommend fireside baskets because it gives a sense of warmth just by the name.  Fireside baskets are enlarged baskets with a spray effect.  It’s a basket that usually sits on the floor. Funeral homes have podiums that they put them on.  If it’s a church you’re going to want larger items.  That’s where the standing sprays come in.”
[Ron] “We’ve all talked about this over the years, and what we’re doing is like a ministry.  We provide beauty and comfort through our flowers- respecting and honoring the loved one.”

Any tips on romance flowers?

[Vicki] “Actually some guy made my day yesterday.  Tyrene and I had been talking about bouquets and I did this great big one for a guy that was going to come pick it up.  I turned around to Tyrene and said, ‘Tyrene wouldn’t you love to have this great big bouquet to have your husband give to you?’  And she says, ‘I would love it, but he never gives me flowers.’  So we were talking and we decided what men need to realize to be romantic, is that they should remember to do the small things just because. 
   “This person called a couple hours later and said, ‘I just want to send a bouquet of roses to my wife, just because’.  When I asked what he would like to be written on the card he said, ‘Just because you hold my heart in your hands, I love you’. That’s romance!
    “Flowers bring a certain balance into life.  They provide that special warmth of feeling that comes from something growing.  Flowers offer movement and life.  They provide enjoyment, color, fragrance, and the feel of the outdoors-something from earth.  With flowers you have something that God made that provides balance in your life.”
[Favorite Flowers] “I love yellow daisies because they are bright and signify friendship.  Everybody should be connected in some way-flowers help to connect people.”
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