Crow Canyon Florist
San Ramon, CA

Meet Susan
of Crow Canyon Florist

Crow Canyon Florist

Welcome to 
Crow Canyon Florist

We’re here in San Ramon, CA with Susan & her son Paymon, owners of  Crow Canyon Florist.  

“We’re family owned for about forty years now.  We do everything here: everyday arrangements, business events, weddings, and birthdays-anything under the sun that involves flowers.

   “There’s a sense of community in the flower business.  I like interacting with people daily.  Flowers are generally a joyous occasion; people are happy to get them.  It’s enjoyable dealing with people when they are ordering and receiving kindness and happiness.” 
[Romance & Flowers]  “It’s all about personalizing... finding out what she likes.  Find out her favorite colors and her favorite flowers.  If you don’t know those things you can find out simply by noticing how she lives.  Just notice things, and that’s how you learn what flowers to order.  You’ve just got to be observant.  It will make a difference, and your gift will be more appreciated.

Whatever you want to say...                     
                    ...say it with flowers  

A Look Inside Crow Canyon Florist 

“Around Valentine’s Day and other holidays we get very special requests.  I know some people want to be more romantic, so they’ll order roses to be sent to somewhere where they know the person will be-a restaurant around lunchtime when it will be a surprise.  I had another instance where a guy frantically called last minute for flowers at a wine bar downtown.  It was an hour before closing on Valentine ’s Day, but it was such a cool gesture I took it myself. I made this giant two dozen rose arrangement and added lilies and spider mums to make it more exotic.  I got there at 7:30pm and the place was packed.  I walked the huge arrangement to her and her eyes just exploded.

The Magic of Flowers & Plants

“If a customer has a special need or request, it’s no problem.   Even if it’s not flowers but a gift of any kind, we can get it done.”

There is a whole world of flowers out there... 
get to know them! 

"We still have the first dollar from the first day the shop opened!"    Angie, the original owner of Crow Canyon

“My name is Angie and I’ve been in the floral industry for about fifty years, and have owned and operated several shops.  I am the original owner of Crow Canyon Florist.

   “I ended up selling this shop to my employee, Susan.  I still enjoy helping them out.  I come once a week most the time to make bows. On important days I’ll come and do work for Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.  I’ve been retired but I like to keep my hands in the floral business.
“For me the most exciting thing about being a florist was doing weddings.  I loved going out to set them up, being invited, and seeing it from beginning to end.  I like weddings because I remember when I got married and how my life started out going into this big world. It brings back pleasurable memories.

   “Flowers express your love for the occasion. If you don’t have flowers in your life then you’re missing out.”
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