Exotic Flowers
Modesto, CA

Meet George of Exotic Flowers

  ​   Meet George, owner and operator of Modesto Exotic Flowers in Modesto, California.  With over thirty years’ experience as a florist, George is also a Master Horticulturist and has a Master’s degree in plant science from Murray State University, Kentucky. 
“Why am I so passionate about the flower business?  I have been involved with flowers my entire life.  Honestly, I don’t plan to retire ever!  Once I tried to retire, and I got bored... so here I am again. This is my retirement!  I like to be with flowers and with the people.  I’m a social person... I like talking with people.  I’m proud to be in business with my wife, my sweetheart and my business partner.  I enjoy my life... I’m very passionate about what I do.  “And when you have as many plants as I do (there are over 200 plants in the shop), you also have to be passionate about their care!  I work hard to maintain these plants.  You have to love what you do, that’s all I know."

   “I have the prices of my flowers above the cooler to give customers confidence.  Many shops don’t sell cut flowers....  We have a huge selection of cut flowers that we sell by the stem, and then we wrap them beautifully with a bow!

   “When I was in Boston, customers wanted a more European style (very compact).  In California, customers are looking for something more cheerful... tropical ginger, bird of paradise, proteas, anthiriums... these are big and showy!  We also stock all kinds of seasonal flowers: larkspur, iris, spider mums, hydrangeas, carnations, and of course, roses in many colors! I have numerous albums and videos on display featuring all the projects I’ve done over the years, so customers can see the scope of what we have to offer.”