Fremont Flowers
Fremont, CA

Meet Maria
of Fremont Flowers

Fremont Flowers

Welcome to 
Fremont Flowers

  We’re here in Fremont, CA with Maria,  manager of Fremont Flowers.  

 “Hi, my name is Maria.  I have worked for Fremont Flowers for about thirty-six years.  I started in the business when I was a young girl.  I have a passion for flowers and just love working with people-my job is the most amazing thing.

   “The shop has been here for fifty-six years.  The current owner, Dirk Lorence, bought the flower shop in 1983 and I have been working for him.  He’s well known for his work with the community.
   “We have this wonderful back patio where we have parties.  We also have the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary come over for luncheons and meetings.  Dirk and his wife Lisa are on the Rotary committee.  It’s a wonderful atmosphere-we have waterfalls and plants.  It’s so tropical.
   “Every year before the kids go back to school, we sponsor a Welcome Teacher Day.  Elementary school students visit our store and take a flower in a bud vase to give to their teacher.  We get about twelve hundred kids that come in throughout the day.  It’s a very special day for us.”

Whatever you want to say...                     
                    ...say it with flowers  

A Look Inside Fremont Flowers 

“We sell flowers both to the public (as Fremont Flowers) and to local florists
(as Bay Area Wholesale).  We are different from a traditional florist in that people can come here and design their own weddings.  We rent work tables as well as rent the cooler so that you can leave your arrangements here after you make them.  I also teach floral classes every Thursday.  If you don’t know how to design flowers for your wedding, I will teach you how.

The Magic of Flowers & Plants

There is a whole world of flowers out there... 
get to know them! 

Maria Gives an Insider’s Perspective
        Fremont Flowers

[On Why Flowers]  “I love flowers because they make people happy.  When you see the faces of the people when they pick up the beautiful floral piece that we created it makes it all worth while. Who doesn’t want flowers-they are appropriate for any occasion.
   “I really love getting to know the trends every year.  We go to different seminars always trying to learn what’s new and what’s coming in.  I have the opportunity to work with a lot of great designers, that’s how I got my experience.”
[On Weddings]  “We just did a wedding for one of our students.  It was elaborate with off whites, soft pinks, golds-it was beautiful.  The flowers we used were hydrangea, roses, ranunculus, peonies, and star gazer lilies.  Also we used wedding spirit roses which are amazing; they are big like a garden rose but almost like a peony.  It comes in light pink, white, and creamy colors.  This year pink is the color.  I bring them in on a regular basis.”
[On Romance]​
“What I would recommend is to just find out what the person likes.  I particularly love the roses, but people also like freesia, tulips, gerberas, stargazer lilies, and orchids.  If they don’t know what they want, we always suggest a mixed bouquet of flowers so they can get a variety. 
   “A lot of people think roses are something she loves, but that may not necessarily be true.  We had this one guy that wanted tulips for his girlfriend’s proposal.  I told him tulips are nice but they are kind of short.  I suggested we incorporate other flowers, so we ended up giving him those wedding spirit roses and made a huge wrapped bouquet.  The roses were on the outside, and the tulips were in the middle and he had a little note inside that he was going to propose.  It was very romantic!”
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