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Meet Leanne and Cydni of Oakdale Flowers & More

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We’re here in Oakdale, CA speaking with Leanne and Cydni (mom & daughter)owners of Oakdale Flowers & More:
  “The shop has been here for over 30 years.  It has changed hands many times.  I worked here as a designer for a year before purchasing it from two cowgirls.  I bought the shop for my daughter Cydni who was going to retire from the Department of Corrections. 
   “I like being here because ultimately it makes people happy.  Flowers make people smile.  Even funeral arrangements are comforting to the people that we do them for.  We do the funeral arrangements as if they were our own family.

   “It’s the customers that make this business fun.  Our primary goal is customer service on top of beautiful flower arrangements and gifts. I learned how to do flower arrangements from people that knew a lot more than I did.  I watched and learned from great designers.
   “We try to do things custom so that they don’t look like just everyday flower arrangements.  Every arrangement is specially designed for the person who ordered it.  Kelli and Joanne are our two incredible designers-we couldn’t do it without them. 
  “We really care about our customers; we will never sell them anything that we wouldn’t buy ourselves.  Our goal is to capture their personality in our designs, even with funerals.  We get a feel for what the person liked, didn’t like, and what kind of person they were.
   “Cydni and I both used to work for the Department of Corrections, in the prison system, and that is probably one of the most negative environments you can put yourself in.  So we came from a negative environment to a beautiful, friendly, happy environment.  I always say we went from Felons to Flowers-and there’s no going back.”
A look inside Oakdale Flowers   
Let Oakdale Flowers create a personal floral design that reflects exactly what you want to say.  Whether it be a sentiment of love, condolence or encouragement, there is an arrangement out there for everyone.  Flowers are also an excellent way to beautify your home. One person may prefer a contemporary tropical arrangement while another loves the tradition of a dozen roses.  Whatever your preference, Oakdale Florist is there to accommodate you.
The Magic of Flowers and Plants
Flowers always say, “You’re special!”
     There is nothing like the thrill of receiving flowers. You feel special: someone is thinking about you, wanting to lift your spirits and make your day! 
    Flowers touch all our senses, from visual vibrant colors to sweet fragrances.  These powerful elements evoke pleasant memories of past times.  Flowers are timeless, and bring those sweet memories to the present.

    Who isn’t thrilled by the brilliance of color, the richness of life in the garden!  We give plants and flowers  because we love the beauty of the outdoors.  Giving plants and flowers as gifts brings the garden indoors for us to enjoy.
More to consider:

Flowers can be a gift for anyone.

From son to father, daughter to mom, friend to friend... tell someone they are special with flowers.

Give flowers at unexpected times.

Giving flowers is a spontaneous act of kindness that will brighten any person’s day.

Consider flowers as a thank you!  Acknowledge all that someone has done for you by giving them flowers.

The bottom line: let someone know that you are thinking about them. Flowers always say, “I’m here for you!”


There is a whole world of flowers out there...  get to know them! 

   Flowers come in a marvelous variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.  Try something new and interesting the next time you order.

   By learning the flower choices, you can personalize your arrangements to suit your taste or that of your recipient.  For example, if your mom loves hydrangeas, you will know what to ask for. 
   Ordering from a florist is going to be much easier when you can tell them specifically what flowers you like. The guide that follows represents some of the more common flower choices available in flower shops.

   Ask your florist for their expert opinion in picking your flowers.  Working closely with your florist will get you the best results!
Oakdale Flowers & More   
Leanne Gives An Insider’s Perspective
“We do a huge variety of flowers, the whole spectrum.  We do formal arrangements, but what we really love are the  more casual and natural looking arrangements, like they were just picked from a meadow!”

“We have yard art that is all hand painted, that you could stick in your yard, bucket, or sand. They are hand made and painted.”
“Our corsages and boutineers are all custom made, and we don’t make any two the same.”

“One of my favorites was a centerpiece we did for a fiftieth birthday party.  We made a huge topiary arrangement in a pedestal.  It was full of red, white and pink roses, and filled in with white and mauve hydrangeas.  It came out so pretty... it looked like a birthday cake on a pedestal!”
“We did these jeweled purses with a jeweled handbag for a beauty salon-they were incredible! We did them with roses and orchids.  For us it’s always about more than just flowers, we express feeling with our designs.  What we do is floral art.”

“For Valentine’s Day we did this custom arrangement... a dozen roses re-imagined as a topiary.  We pretty much make our arrangements unique, to go with the personalities of the customer we are designing for.  They are thrilled!”

 “Another favorite was a football arrangement we did for a football coach that passed away.  We made an arrangement incorporating a football.  It was all blues and whites, using chrysanthemums and hydrangeas.  In all our sympathy work we want to personalize what we create to give truly special tribute to the person who will be sorely missed.”

“We decorated the front of Rivi’s Wine shop for A Taste of Oakdale event.  We like doing wildflowery looking arrangements done in unique containers.   The arrangements we do are different.  We did a garden wedding on a private ranch in Oakdale.”

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