The Country Shelf
Modesto, CA

Q&A with Pat from  Country Shelf Florist


Meet Pat of Country Shelf Florist

   “Country Shelf has been in business for 35 years.  We love what we do, and we love making people happy.  We love doing flowers for weddings.  We want to make their special day one they will remember forever.  We also are proud of our funeral work.  This is an important effort in which we help people at a painful and stressful time.
 “I love to do large mixed arrangements.   We can make anything in your price range that you feel comfortable with- that’s the way we do our business.  This is our secret:  we really bring on the color.  People love big bold flowers and bold colors.  One of our favorite colors is bright orange and hot pink-it just pops!  
“I love antiques and I love repurposing. The better I can make something old the better I love it.  Plus, I always add a bit of flowers and it always makes it nicer.  I have an old wine rack that someone was throwing out, and I was able to repurpose it into a little bird house.  Very dear to my heart are my ice cream parlor sets.  They are so cute!  I have an antique high chair that I store teddy bears on.  A lot of people come in just to see our antiques.

“The way I was raised, you do unto others as you would like to be treated.  This is the philosophy that we’ve always had in our business.  We do a lot of community work, giving back to the community to show our appreciation.

 “An exciting part of this business is getting to deliver flowers and see the smiles on people’s faces.  It’s also gratifying when people come in a for a funeral and say, ‘ this is a really tough time, but you make it so much better showing us all these beautiful flowers.’
 “In my heart I’m a country girl who loves to play with flowers.  When I was kid my dad grew cotton. When the cotton bulb comes out, there’s this beautiful white flower.  I would make a little face and skirt out of that.  Even as a little kid, I was playing with flowers!”
Pat talks about Melissa:
“My manager Melissa is my little buddy.  She is the glue that keeps Country Shelf Florist together. She keeps me straight, she keeps the books straight, plus she’s also a designer and a driver, and she does anything we want her to do. One of the girls said yesterday, ‘you’re just a little whirlwind around here’, and that was so true.”

Melissa Talks About Pat

“I originally started working at the Country Shelf in high school as an extra helper for holidays and later Saturday wedding help.  I was excited to help in any way I could and was eager to learn.  I continued working through high school and college. 

 “Pat and our crew have developed friendships by working with our customers and sharing in their happy times as well as their hard times.   Now we have previous brides of years ago coming in with their kids for proms and weddings.  I’m starting to feel old!

 “Not only is Pat a wonderful person inside and out to our customers, but she’s also a second mom to her crew.  Once in awhile, she’ll give advice to us and say ‘Now listen to Mama Pat.’  She’s the reason I’ve been here for 22 years.  Pat and the flower shop are my other family and have become a huge part of my life.”
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